NETWORKING LOCALISED INTERVENTIONS – Urban Design Workshop International in Recife, Brazil

/ Urban Design International Workshop

/ Architectural Association/Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife

/ Forår 2014

/ Gruppeprojekt

The design workshop in Recife in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco explored a study area in relation to the potential of Social Housing and Urban Mobility in urban development.

Current mass housing projects and investments in public transport in Recife offer opportunities to rethink the role of mobility and housing, strengthening spatial relations between dwelling, urban infrastructure, production and services. The aim of linking different federal and municipal tools for public investment, whilst spatially rethinking infrastructural investment, forms the basis for the spatial exploration in the territory on both sides of the Avenida Norte.
The ambition of this project is to enhance existing social and economic networks through a spatially and functionally interlinked series of localized interventions. New systems of permeable urban fabric allow for a more differentiated sequence of private and public urban conditions. The formation of a high quality public realm will help to dissolve social and physical borders, which presently diminish the existing potentials. Adding spaces for institutional functions to the different interventions, will act as a catalyst for commercial and residential development in the vicinity.